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Welcome to the Tote Results

The aim of the lottery is for you to predict the 4 lucky numbers that will be drawn at a weekly draw. The draw will take place after competition results on the Sunday evening at the club.

Entry is 1 per ticket. The winning selection(s) can win up to 50% of the total proceeds of the lottery. If no winner in any one week that week's prize monies will be added to the prize monies of the following week.

All entry tickets and monies must be with the promoter at the clubhouse by 4.00pm on the day of the draw.

The promoter will not be responsible for any tickets not meeting the deadline. Any illegible or incomplete entries will be invalid.

All proceeds above and beyond expenses incurred and prize monies will be donated to Whitehall Golf Club.

Promoter: The Committee

Licensed by: The Gambling Commission

Prize Limit Per Tote Will Be 5000

The Counterfoil of any Winning Tickets must be produced to claim the prize money






























This site was last updated 28-Nov-2018